SOCIAL HOUSING Winning Competition

Ger, Girona, SPAIN. 2007
– – 
824.962 €


We introduce new elements that rearrange the set: an axis in its path connects different programmatic elements including servers and incorporates spaces. We take the slope of the land to bury the building with minimal effort and transform its deck into a square-viewpoint which offers us the landscape. Perpendicular to this band communications placed inside transparent boxes-lanterns similar to the big box that covers the head. This new public space intended to be a meeting point of Ger sports and entertainment.
In the relationship of the building with its surroundings follow two different approaches. Regarding the building, taking advantage of the fact construct the topography allows us to minimize the visual impact of the building. It has only a facade and a single plant. Its cover, to be passable and be at the same level as the street is perfectly integrated into the landscape, like a square. In the area of the square-viewpoint use materials that promote integration in the environment such as slate. With respect to the covering of the track we find a volumetric imposed. The building obviously takes a different scale than that of the people and becomes a visual landmark of this. The relationship with the landscape changes, the building does not hiding but it integrates a dialogue with its surroundings. The building skin is polycarbonate sheeting screen, on which are printed trees on it, in a reinterpretation of the surrounding landscape.

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